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About us


We really appreciate that you have found and visited our page.  

Perhaps you were expecting a classic e-shop – an old bookshop, however, this bookshop’s intentions are very different from the word go. You do not need to worry about this idea and look for some complicated selling structures. Yes, we are a business however; we are book collectors and enthusiasts too. We have decided to provide other enthusiasts with a space to sell their overstock books or even whole collections. Nonetheless, this is not be an advertising platform and become a mass product as we do not want to lose the magic that comes from collections.  

At the same time, we intend to keep complete control over the listings, and require a strict exclusive right to decide which book will or will not be listed. We really care that the books that we list on our webpage have clear, documented provenance, so the ownership rights can be identified and ascertained without a doubt.  

We welcome book offers from the whole of the EU; however, they can be sold to anywhere in the world. We would like to emphasise that we will list only the books that have never been listed on any other platforms or advertising media, periodicals and auctions, exhibited or offered for sale. This way we would like to avoid becoming one of the exhausting lists of unidentifiable middle men, to remain true to our ethos.  

In our team of we have specialist librarians, specialists in book funds protection, our own lawyers, but mainly our enthusiastic, lifelong collector, who is the creator of the whole business vision of the BIBLIO portal.  

If we convinced you of our philosophy, do not hesitate and entrust us with your books.

Best regards, team BIBLIO